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Marjorie Renner - Owner of Renner Fashion Accessories

Marjorie T Renner is the inspiration behind Marjorium fashion accessories.  A former model, fashion enthusiast, designer and entrepreneur, Marjorie has accumulated amazing experiences from across the world.  She brings her experience directly to you with inspired designs including purses, scarves, jewelry and so much more!  Her line embraces sustainability as all of her products are made of all-natural materials found on the
islands and oceans where she grew up.

In Eastern cultures, the lotus flower signifies regeneration, resilience, and purification. With her strong Asian ties, Marjorie has chosen the lotus as an emblem of her life philosophy: to learn from the challenges of today’s world and turn them into beautiful artifacts that can inspire and please others. She approaches any personal or business issue with a calm focus. Like the lotus flower blossoming in the muddiest of waters, Marjorie believes that the most beautiful and worthwhile things can be created below the surface, where the roots of a great brand are built. 


Marjorie Renner Accessories Legacy Logo

From her legacy logo to the modern day, all legacy items are still available here online, where you can actually pre-order sold out designs.  Some items are still available as well for immediate purchase.  The logo is evocative of her beginnings and work in Paris leading up to the present day logo which better reflects her persona and the persona of her authentic line of accessories.  It started with handbags, clutches, purses and has grown to jewelry and resort wear.


Here is an excerpt from where she was featured: 

"Upon meeting Marjorie at the studio in where she and her exquisite collection of handbags were being photographed, her presence was immediately felt by the entire team. She walked in with a smile from ear to ear, relaxed yet confident, and a genu- ine happiness radiating from her. I immediately got a sense that this woman was someone who was happy with her life and everyone in it.



Marjorie Renner - Owner of Renner Fashion Accessories
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“I’ve modeled around the world for a number of years and it helped me develop not only social skills, confidence, great taste, and discipline, but it also developed that eye for fashion that provided me with the skills to do what I do now. Without that experience as a model, I probably would not be designing to- day. So I’m very grateful and appreciative of the opportunities that came my way during that time because it’s made me who I am today.”

Having been a model, a wife, a mother, and having made friends all over the world, Marjorie was exposed to all types of women from different generations, cultures, and social upbringings. From that exposure to
various types of women, she began to see that no matter the age, culture, and social scene, women would always gravitate to handbags as a kind of treasure chest by placing valuables and secrets in there
for no one to see but themselves. “If you want to find a secret to a woman, that secret is in the purse. It’s all in the purse.”

The 4 Elements - Marjorie Renner and her commitment to sustainability
Marjorie Renner - owner of Renner Fashion accessories is a Gemini

“I’m a Gemini. I’m very creative and open to the world of beauty. I love finding the interesting side of everyone and everything. Actually, most of my collections are either made completely or partially made with natural materials. From foliage I personally collect, to pea pods, to sea shells. I want to use the beauty that nature has provided, even for those things that others may not see any use for. There is beauty in everything around us, but most just don’t see it.”

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