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Our Legacy Collection

An exquisite collection made for you to live each moment as a celebration of high fashion. Born of creativity inspired by experiences from across the world, Marjorie’s collection draws upon a truly cosmopolitan imagination. From Paris to Manila, London to Hong Kong, New York, LA, and back again, each bag has its story to tell, as daring as they are unique, as exotic as they are elegant. Keeping with a tradition of expert craftsmanship, Marjorie’s “Legacy Collection” designs are exclusively handmade. Each women's fashion bag, purse, and jewelry box stand as a testament to inimitable fashion, cool refinement, and peerless design perfection. With designs taking you from wild fantasy to timeless classicism, Marjorie reimagines the form and texture of the natural universe. Seashells, mother-of-pearl, animal pelts, and tropic woods: these natural wonders metamorphose into strikingly invigorating forms to satisfy the most daring caprice. 


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